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Current state of the market of private investment projects for SOC
ecessity of Private investment projects
1) Rapid increase of social welfare costs
2) High distribution costs
3) Short budget in SOC investment
4) Low degree of integration of SOC compared to advanced countries

Solutions on problems
Construction of SOC infrastructure and implementation of social welfare through attracting private capital

- KIDPER makes it a rule to constitute consortium with strategic participants and select constructers through bidding
- With our know-how from various participating experiences, we will become a leading developer of private investment businesses

SOC Investment business
Necessity of private sector investment
① BTO target projects for investment
   Capital equipment for public facilities that provide the important base to the economic activities of whole nation
② BTL target projects for investment
   22 target facilities for investment that are listed private investment act

SOC Investment
Comparison of BTO-BTL progress method
Progress method BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) BTL (Build-Transfer-Lease)
Characteristics of
target facilities
Facilities that are possible to collect
investment by imposing a fee to final customer
Facilities that are difficult to collect
investment by imposing a fee to final customer
Final customer’s fee Government’s facility rent
Project risk Civilian bearing demand risk Civilian excluded from demand risk